Reimbursement Services

KRYSTEXXA Connect offers information to help you understand insurer coverage and reimbursement for KRYSTEXXA® (pegloticase) Injection, 8 mg/mL, for Intravenous Infusion.

Additionally, this program offers support to help your patients access KRYSTEXXA therapy if they lack insurance.

Insurance Verification

Reimbursement hotline staff can conduct patient-specific research with insurers to confirm coverage for KRYSTEXXA and its infusion, including coverage requirements and patient benefit level (such as co-payment and out-of-pocket obligation).

  • All investigations include two independent verifications of the patient’s benefits with  their health plan
  • Most investigations are completed within 24 hours
  • In the event that a patient has not met the plan’s eligibility requirements for KRYSTEXXA therapy, re-verifications can be conducted as needed or at regularly scheduled intervals per your direction

Enrollment Form


Prior Authorization

Reimbursement Specialists are available to conduct research with your patient’s health plan to confirm prior authorization requirements and facilitate submission and approval of prior authorization, including follow-up to confirm status. Patient cases requiring re-certification are queued for follow-up at the appropriate time.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity


Coding and Reimbursement Inquiries

Knowledgeable staff members can provide up-to-date information on coding, billing, and payment information related to Krystexxa and its infusion.

Detailed Coding


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